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Transforming Lifestyle Brands into ​Reputable Household Names

Award-Winning Reputation Solutions for Lifestyle Brands

At Elevate U PR, we focus on public relations and reputation management ​for lifestyle brand owners. Our goal is to make you a household name by ​building a strong reputation. We help you leverage digital media to connect ​with consumers and drive traffic to your website, increasing your sales. ​Additionally, we enhance your online reputation to improve your domain ​authority and make your brand easier to find online. Consumers buy from ​brands they trust, and we make sure your brand earns that trust.

Why Choose Elevate U PR?

In today’s digital age, your brand’s online presence is more important than ever. At Elevate U PR, ​we specialize in using digital media to enhance your brand’s publicity and online reputation. Our ​goal is to make sure your brand stands out, gets noticed, and is trusted by your audience.

  • Expertise: With years of experience in PR and reputation management, we know what it takes to elevate your ​brand's online presence effectively.
  • Proven Results: Our track record includes helping numerous clients improve their online reputation and visibility ​across various industries.
  • Tailored Approach: We understand that every brand is unique. Our strategies are customized to fit your specific ​goals and challenges.


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Featured Stories

We work to get your brand featured in ​top-tier media outlets. A feature in pu​blications like CNN, Martha Stewart, or​ the Wall Street Journal can provide a si​gnificant boost to your brand’s cr​edibility and visibility. These stories sh​owcase what makes your brand un​ique and why it’s worth paying at​tention to.

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Expert Quotes

Position yourself as an expert in your ​field by getting quoted in influential ​articles. When journalists and writers ​include your insights and commentary, ​it establishes your brand as a trusted ​authority. This kind of exposure helps ​build trust with your audience and ​enhances your web credibility.

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Product Recommendations and Tips

We help get your products, ​recommendations, and tips featured in ​relevant articles. Whether it’s a review ​of your latest product or an article ​where you share valuable advice, this ​type of publicity can drive interest and ​trust in your brand. People rely on ​these articles to make informed ​decisions, and your presence in them ​can significantly boost your reputation.

Hi, I ‘m Stefanie

Meet Stefanie Magness, the powerhouse behind Elevate U PR. With ​decades of experience in the branding world, Stefanie has made a lasting ​impact at top-tier publications such as the Washington Post, USA Today, ​Military Times, Air Force Magazine, and Youth Today Magazine. Formerly ​known as MagnessPR, Elevate U PR stands as a testament to Stefanie's ​pioneering spirit in the industry. She brings unparalleled expertise and ​creativity to every client, ensuring innovative and effective strategies that ​set brands apart. Stefanie Magness: your go-to for proven success in the ​world of lifestyle public relations.


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Web Cred

"Web Cred," short for web credibility, is about how trustworthy and ​reliable your brand appears when people search for it online. ​Imagine someone hears about your lifestyle brand and decides to ​look it up. They find your website, social media pages, and positive ​reviews. Now, imagine they also come across articles discussing ​your brand, where you share insights, tips, or commentary. This kind ​of exposure greatly enhances your brand's online credibility

Why Digital Media Matters

Digital media acts as the storyteller for your brand, allowing it to shine and highlight its unique qualities. ​When your brand is mentioned in top-tier digital media outlets, it’s like receiving a gold star on your report ​card. These platforms have millions of readers who trust their recommendations, so if they mention your ​brand, it builds significant credibility.

Reputation Management Services

At Elevate U PR, we specialize in comprehensive reputation management services designed to ​boost your brand's credibility and visibility online. Here’s how we can help:

Checking How Well You're Doing

We team up with trusted companies to check how well you’re doing online. Here’s what we do:

  • Looking at Backlinks: When your name is mentioned in an article, they might also include a link to your website. ​We keep track of this to see how well the digital media feature works for you.
  • Track Your Domain Authority: Tracking your domain authority tells us how strong your brand is online. It’s like a ​score that shows if Google likes your website. The higher your score, the better your website shows up when ​people search online. We keep an eye on this score to see how well your brand is doing and try to make it even ​better.

Watching Your Website Visits

We monitor how many people visit your website from a media placement. This helps us understand if our strategies, ​like getting you featured, are effective. Using this information, we make informed decisions to enhance your online ​presence.

Telling You Everything

We believe in being clear. We give you detailed reports often. These reports show how well we’re improving your ​online reputation. Our goal is to make sure you know everything and feel good about what we’re doing to help your ​brand.

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backlink report for Tina Priestly, CEO of Ready, Set, REFRESH

Coverage report for ​Tina Priestly, CEO of ​Ready, Set, REFRESH

Website traffic report ​for Tina Priestly, CEO of ​Ready, Set, REFRESH


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Ready to take control of your ​brand's online reputation? Contact ​Elevate U PR today to discuss how ​we can tailor our reputation ​management services to meet your ​needs and achieve your goals.

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Solid Star

Stefanie is nothing short of amazing! I’ve only been working with her for 3 days and I’ve already have a media kit, a press release, and a feature!

- Carla Marie

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Solid Star

In just 2 weeks, Stefanie's visibility makeover took me from unnoticed to being featured in major publications—truly a game-changer!

- Brett Key

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Solid Star

Stefanie's expertise took my visibility to the next level. Her approach is straightforward and effective. I highly recommend her services

- Iesha Congo Watson

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Solid Star
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Solid Star

Stefanie's strategies transformed my business. With her help, I gained visibility and credibility, attracting more clients and opportunities. She's the real deal

- Sabrina Wiggins

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